Q: Seed Paper?

A: Yes, Seed Paper.  Circles of Life Seed Paper Kippot are made from 100% Recycled, 100% Recyclable, 100% Biodegradable Seed Paper (100% Made right here in the USA from all local sources).  Our paper pulp is mixed, pressed and dried with the seeds already in it.  When exposed to a plant friendly environment (soil and water) a beautiful flower garden will grow from your Kippot.

Q: What types of seeds are in your paper?

A: All paper colors are available with a 12 seed wildflower mix (see our homepage carousel for pictures).  Some paper colors are also available with herb (White and Sage paper), carrot (Orange paper) and lettuce (Sage paper) seeds.

Q: If it starts to rain during my outdoor wedding, will my guests sprout flowers on their heads?

A: It depends on how long your Rabbi keeps up the suspense.  Our paper will sprout in 7-10 days, so that should give the Rabbi plenty of wiggle room.

Q: How do I design my own custom print?

A: Our in-house graphic designer will help with any artwork or text layout you might need.  Just give us a hint about what you'd like to print and we'll work with you to create an amazing Kippah design.

Q: Can I send you my own design?

A: Yes, absolutely.  Either upload your digital file on the product page or send us an email to discuss. 

Q: I don't need 100 or more Kippot for my event, what are my choices?

There is no minimum order for Blank or Pre-printed Kippot.   We hope one of those options works for you.

Q: How many paper colors can I mix in my order?

A: As many as you like!

Q: How do you plant these?

Each Kippah contains dozens of seeds.  Tear up your paper Kippah and spread the pieces around in your garden or in multiple pots.  Cover with 1/2" of soil, keep moist and expose to partial sunlight.  In 7-10 days you'll start to see some green sprouts.